Dance, a source of health and well-being

2021 Edition 20.000 € raised, THANK YOU!

Live conversations with international dancers!

Yvonne Slingerland

Marià Huguet

Alba Sempere

Martí Paixà

Ada González

Roger Cuadrado

Alba Nadal

Aleix Martínez

Tess Buck

Víctor Zarallo

Carlos Renedo & Chase Johnsey

Interview David Rodriguez

Interview in the program "Dance, with Judit Jordana" at #AssaigGeneral of Catalunya Ràdio. David explains his work on Dance & Health and his new artistic projects.

International Dance Day 2021

The Australian dancer Luke Prunty, an unconditional of our festival, who has accompanied us since the first edition in the organisation of the event and also on stage, recites the official message of the celebration of the International Dance Day, which this year has been written by ballet star Friedemann Vogel.

Happy International Dance Day!

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