Official Selection
Short Films

July 15 at 8:30pm
Cinema Truffaut
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P9 d’Eva Durban
Director: Orna
Country of origin: Catalonia
“When I saw this company dancing on stage, I was deeply impressed. Not only are they very committed to the project, they are also very well directed. I also noticed his remarkable ability to express himself. To be able to do this documentary has been a great experience for me, for those that move you on a human level, for those that bring you new knowledge and new questions ” - Orna.

Tempus Fugit
Director: Pep Bosch i Calvo
Country of origin: Catalonia
Time has faded in a lifeless place where a girl, driven by her curiosity, starts a new journey that will lead her to a new rebirth. Realizing the power of movement that hides the body, it begins to represent the inexplicable joy of dancing to the rhythm of life.

Our Planet Destiny
Director: Chen Li
Country of Origin: China
We hope for less pollution, less destruction and less war in our world. Our destiny is closely related, also by living harmoniously with nature. The world should be more united, as a family, and the civilization of the universe should be explored together. A short film about eco-anxiety.

Director: Jean-Marc Abela
Country of Origin: Canada
After the recent breakup of a long relationship, Maeve has to go through nostalgia and grief to find herself again.

Director: Alesso Luli Brindisi
Country of origin: Argentina
A woman who rebels against her seemingly perfect life. An urgent need to escape. A transformation led by her alter egos: those women who live within her and guide her on a path of liberation.

When the Night Falls
Director: Kimmo Leed
Country of Origin: Finland
The dance film When the Night Falls tells the story of a woman fleeing the horrors of a collapsing society in the near future. Along the way, she meets people she trusts on whom her entire future depends.

Director: Catalin Rugina
Country of origin: Romania
"Breath" aims to make a critical and ironic foray, to the rhythm of dance, of the destructive universe of the human being. On a hot day, five young people get stuck with their car in the middle of a golden field. Suddenly, the trunk opens and the story begins.

Director: Garance Staehli
Country of origin: Germany
If you throw a pendulum in one direction, it will go just as far in the other. Where is the fine line of powerful but delicate balance we can come to have in our lives?

Anima Animae Animam
Director: Jose (Putxa) Puchades Martinez
Country of origin: Catalonia / Mexico
It is a tribute to the people who dedicated their lives to sharing their soul with beings who have never had one. To those who gave voice and life to objects that had a lot to say. To tell stories recovered from oblivion. To the puppeteers who by their profession could not be buried in cemeteries to be considered soulless beings