Aleix Martínez

Born in Barcelona, ​​he began his training at the ballet school David Campos, where he later would dance with the company David Camps of Sta. Coloma de Gramenet. He also studied in Marseille under the direction of Patrick Armand at Studio Colette Armand. He won the prestigious "Prix de Lausanne" in 2008 and the "Positano Léonide Massine Prize", and continued his education at the Hamburg Ballet school, where he is now a principal dancer in the company. He has been awarded several national and international prizes, highlighting "Amigos de Honor" at the Casa de la Danza de La Rioja, the "Dr. Whilhelm Oberdorffer-Preise" and the nomination in the category "Young talent 2012" by the German magazine Tanz. John Neumeier, choreographer and director of the Hamburg Ballet, has created several soloist roles for Aleix, such as Louis in "Liliom" (2011), Lewin in "Anna Karenina" (2017) and "Bettoven Projeckt" (2018).

Aleix debuted as a choreographer in 2012 with "Trencadís", a piece that received the "Tanz" prize in the "Young Talent" category. His style is characterized by deep artistic research and the exploration of the capacity for interaction between different visual and artistic arts. He works independently in various festivals and social projects. For example, "Le surrealisme c'est moi" (2014) for the festival of Sant Pere de Rodes, "Origen" (2015) for the Gong Festival, and "For 2" for the festival of Bielefed. In 2016, he began an artistic residence with the Trintla Cultura Festival, creating "Mediterrani" (2016), "Colores" (2017) and "Evolution" (2018), collaborating annually wiith the social-art project "Salon Kleiner Michel". He also created, as part of Hamburg Staatsoper, "Soledad en compañía" (2015), "Kleines Requiem" (2016), "...___ / S.O.S" (2017) and "Dogma" (2018). In 2018 he founded "ManNera", his own company, with Ismael Gil. The company's first production has been "Lorca" (2018), premiered in Barcelona.

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