Joana Gea

Joana Gea is a social integrator, dancer and producer of events related to Gypsy culture. She lives in Girona, and has been working on the dance scene for 15 years, also member of the CID International Council, France. She devotes herself mainly to the teaching of Ethnic dances, standing out in the dances of the gypsy town. She travels to the places of origin to establish direct contact with the ROM communities in different countries such as Turkey, India, France, Romania, Greece and Spain.

Joana participates actively in the independent dance movement from the teaching, creation and imparting of specific workshops. She creates her artistic universe, unique, between the tradition and the creativity of the cosmopolitan experience.

Currently, she is devoted mainly to her Nomadic Study project (Dance-Art-Culture). Joana organizes different Dance Events every year, collaborating directly with other renowned International artists.

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