Karme Carballo

Carme Martínez Carballo, artistic name (Karme Carballo), born in Mataró, Catalonia, the 9.07.1980. She did various Latin and Salon dance courses and urban style formations in Barcelona. Her main domaine of work is though Oriental dance and ethnic dances. Karme was trained as a performer, choreographer and dancer (bellydance) at the Devora Korek school (2010 to 2015) in Barcelona with the Sarabi method that unites dance, expression and spirituality.

She found Tribalfusion style, and did a formation with Rachel Moon at the Dancetribalia academy of Barcelona, ​​and Karme was also a member of the company Moonlight Troupe. At the moment, her residence is in Blanes where she teaches at the Can Borrell civic center and the Synergy Bodytime center.

She created the company Áurea Tribal Dancers, of which she is the director, choreographer and dancer. The company is based on the fusion of styles that has been gaining projection in dance world, focusing in tribal fusion dance since it is the intention to spread this style in Catalonia. Karme is a ZIN instructor member of Zumba and member of the International Dance Council (CID).

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