Tania Martín

Born in Madrid in 1992, Tania joined the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma in Madrid, where she finished her education in 2011 with a Honorable Mention and Extraordinary Prize. She has taken classes with the teachers Maleni Mexia, Mar Mel, Beatriz Martín, Merche Esmeralda, Arantxa Carmona and Rosa Ruiz. She was part of the Choreographic Workshop of the RCPD Mariemma, performing in group and solo choreographies by Arantxa Carmona, Beatriz Martín, Adrían Galia and Ricardo Franco, Daniel Doña, Contratemps and "Homenaje a Madrid" by Mariemma. Tania participated in the National Dance Contest of Castellón and the Extraordinary Prize of the Community of Madrid, with the choreography "Danza IX" by Victoria Eugenia and "Te extraño" by Maleni Mexía. She began her professional career in September 2011 with the Flamenco Company José Porcel on a tour of the United States and Canada, performing choreographies by Rocío Molina and Rubén Olmos. The 2012 she participated in the creation of the production of Rojas and Rodriguez "El Amor Brujo" with Lola Greco, Antonio Canales, Gemma Morat and Chevi Muraday. In September 2012, she joined the ensemble of the National Ballet of Spain, under the direction of Antonio Najarro.

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