David Rodríguez

Festival Director

David Rodríguez. Photo: Manel Díaz.

Our beloved city continues in constant motion after the overwhelming reception of the past editions of Girona en Moviment. This artistic air of movement makes us think that we are culturally the result of the contribution of all those who, before us, have travelled the world fascinated by the art of dance and their communicative power and who very kindly wanted to share these exchanges with Catalonia. Perhaps that is why we have a program that is so diverse and multicultural, always with different origins and styles, in order to offer our audience that sweet spot between tradition and innovation, with the main goal of reaching new audiences and filling our theatres and streets with people from all walks of life.

Apart from its clearly international character, Girona en Moviment consolidates our commitment to Catalan talent, arousing your curiosity through the great world of dance and bringing you closer to the contemporary artists and creators and the new generations. By combining classical repertoire, renowned choreographers and newly created proposals, the festival is definitely a journey in search of new experiences with the best dance of the moment, an opportunity to stimulate creativity and contribute to a good cause through the culture and the arts.

The idea of the festival is based on the mutual fascination between dance and health, exploring the benefits of this art form on our global health. Despite fantastic efforts by scientists, educators and civil society, cancer remains a disease that unfortunately affects many people. But Girona is in motion and, as past editions show, the Catalan solidarity is in action, collaborating with the festival to help improve the lives of cancer patients in our territory. Many thanks to the Fundació Oncolliga for their impeccable work dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families. It is an honour to dance for such a noble cause.

Girona en Moviment is also a space for dialogue and solidarity between various agents and a meeting point for Catalan and international dancers. Now more than ever, we, as artists, must assume our commitment to freedom of expression, an inalienable right of any artistic creation and any free society. Dance, as culture in general, brings us together and provides us with a common imagery, offering the possibility to create shared experiences. Let's imagine Girona as a future city of dance, a reference at a national and European level with culture as the transformational motor of the country. It can be done. What is most important is that the experience of Girona en Moviment allows us explore new tastes of dance that transforms us as we continue to build a solidary, free, democratic and peaceful society.

David Rodríguez


Born in Girona, David is the driver and director of Girona en Moviment. He is a pianist graduated from the Isaac Albéniz Conservatory of Girona and a professional dancer with a decade’s experience in renowned international companies, such as Béjart Ballet Lausanne (Switzerland), Tiroler Landestheater (Austria), and Gauthier Dance Company (Germany). He is often invited to international galas and has performed in festivals throughout Europe, America and Asia. Apart from his career as a dancer, David is a graduate in Humanities from the UOC and has a Master's degree in Cultural Management. Passionate about cultural and humanitarian projects, today he works as a cultural manager in Switzerland, leading the program "Danser la vie" for the non-profit Ligue vaudoise contre le cancer. David has also increasingly dedicated time to the choreography and production of dance works. He is a member of the International Dance Council (UNESCO), and has published several academic articles on dance, education and society. His main interests are cultural diplomacy, international cultural management and international relations.