Dance and Health Conference

Dr. Laura Llacuna. Photo: Ma. Àngels Martínez.

The topic of this conference, held by Dr. Laura Llacuna, focused on Dance as a healing art and an integrative therapy.

There is a distinction between curing and healing, which is useful when we approach dance or any other healing modality. Curing means physically eliminating the disease. In the case of cancer, it is usually by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments that are aimed at the physical body. To heal is to operate in many dimensions simultaneously, until reaching the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. Healing also addresses psychological dimensions and works with belief systems, which can be either encouraging and productive or negative and destructive. It is possible, therefore, that a person with a terminal diagnosis cannot be cured, but can heal, and vice versa.

The following points were addressed:

  • Overview of integrative health
  • How dance can be applied as an integrated therapy
  • How can we access and utilise the power of dance to heal
  • What are the physical and mental benefits of dance
Dr. Laura Llacuna. Photo: Ma. Àngels Martínez.

Dr. Laura Llacuna

Doctor in biomedicine, health coach and psychoneuro-immunologist. She is passionate about studying life, discovering the world, good food, nature and dancing. Llacuna has devoted more than 10 years to research and has worked in several countries, including France, Austria, the United States. It was in 2016, after her studies in New York, when she decided to stop working in laboratories as a researcher and to devote herself fully and directly to the patient. Llacuna currently works in the field of Integrative Health, offering a holistic view on human health and treating patients through alternatives to conventional medicine. She assists patients to establish the necessary and sustainable changes to achieve their goals and improve their health and happiness. Her vocation is to connect with people, open doors to new solutions and a healthy lifestyle.