Intensive course in Contemporary

This intensive course was held at the Cont-Class School of Dance, by the teacher Sandra Marín, on 7, 8 and 9 September.

The workshops consisted of two blocks. The first type of improvisation, in which the tools developed by Kidd Pivot were introduced. This class focused on the discovery of body joints and rhythms. It began with a warm up in which the participants explored the possibilities of articulation of the body in different stages: starting with the spinal column and going deeper into the limbs. The participants explored at an individual rate the possible kinetic relationships within their own body and in relation to the space that surrounded them. The class was exploratory and paid special attention to the game between analysis and instinct. Therefore, improvisation serves us not only as a tool to create but also as an experience to discover new possibilities of movement.

The second block offered a series of compositional structures and tools where participants could continue to explore freely within pre-established rules. Special attention was paid to continuing to discover one’s own possibilities and, at the same time, to expand consciousness by getting to feel the group as a whole and the interconnection established between each one and the surrounding world.

Finally, the participants learned some tastes of repertoire. The work of Crystal Pite is very close to that of Sandra Marín, as she emphasises the discovery of oneself in relation to the world around us. It is a very physical and spiritual work at the same time. When we go deeper into the discovery we realize the immense expressive capacity of the body, being able to experience feelings, characters and emotions depending on the morphology it adopts, reaching the feeling that "we are danced" by something indescribable, something that goes beyond us and from which we form a part of at the same time.


Sandra Marín Garcia was born in Barcelona, ​​where she studied dance and choreography at the Institut del Theatre. After graduation, she joined the company Concert Dansa Dark. Two years later, he began his professional career and danced in several companies, such as the Polish Dance Theater, Theater Vorpommern Greifswald and Stralsund, Stadtheater Dortmund, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Cullberg Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theater and Kidd Pivot. During this time Sandra worked with important choreographers such as Ralf Dörnen, Ed Wubbe, Johan Inger, Paul Lightfoot, Sol Leon, Mats Ek, Marina Mascarell, Jiri Kylián and Crystal Pite. Since 2013 she works as a teacher, rehearsal director and choreographer. She created "Almost" for prominent dancers in The Hague, as well as the piece "Stringing Light" with Jiri Pokorny. She also choreographed "Insight" with Zoran Markovic for the company Tanzcompany Heidelberg and "Cosa Nostra" for the company Tanz Luzerner Theater. Sandra has also participated as a choreographer with the company La Fura dels Baus at the Opera "Cants de Sirena", which was composed in 2015 by the Luzerner Theater and the Cologne Opera. In the 2016/2017 season, she created the "Look at me" project for people over 60 years of age interested in dance.