Intensive course in Tai-chi

This intensive course was held in the The Classical Ballet School, Girona, by the Tai Chi teacher Gerard Arlandes, on September 8 and 9, 2018.

Tai Chi is a meditative dance. It consists of a sequence of slow, chained, fluid, harmonious and conscious movements in which the body performs circles and spirals in space. It originates from China, and classical texts define it as the dance that unites heaven, earth and human beings.

Tai Chi has three objectives: meditation in dance, internal and external preparation to carry out any activity and the increase and balance of the energy capacity of the human being.

It has three characteristics:

1. Adaptation to the shape of the pelvis, center of gravity of the body, and to the circles and spirals that form the basis of the organic, muscular and bony structures.

2. Softness, tone and the beauty of movement; since only the forces that come from the earth are used: that of gravity and its opposite. Thus, the movements have form, but not effort; We caress the air while we move around the space.

3. Meditation in movement: accompanying movements with thought, Tai Chi is transformed into meditation.

Class content:

• Self-massage from the feet to the head to activate the body. Listen to the body.

• Workout about breathing and weight care.

• The connection with the earth and the sky: take root and grow.

• Unlock the back and the pelvis.

• Open space in four directions.

• Study of the Beijing sequence of 24 figures.

• Land: Scan the body with respect to the ground.

• Meditative sequence in movement to organize the body.

• Visualize the interior light.

• Peking sequence of 24 figures


Gerard Arlandes (Barcelona, ​​1951) is a philosopher from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1971-1977), a dancer from the Anna Maleras Dance School (1976-1979) and a professor of tai-chi and body education for the Stillpoint Foundation (Colorado USA.) He has studied: Conscious Movement (Aberasturi Method), Yoga, Katsu-gen, Iuki, Voice Craft (Song), Feldenkrais Method. He also performed as a professional dancer in different Spanish and German companies. In 1979 he obtained a grant from the Stillpoint Foundation (U.S.) led by Gia Fu Feng. Gerard spent many years studying Qigong, Tai Chi, Taoist philosophy, and the knowledge of medicine, calligraphy and Chinese language. Since 1982 he teaches dance and body techniques: Tai Chi, Qigung, self-massage, respiratory techniques and positioning in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Austria: Münster, Düsseldorf, Köln, Hamburg, München, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zürich, Bern, Basel, Vienna. He currently runs the Gerard Arlandes Center together with Sybille Karsch since 2011. He works in Barcelona as a teacher of body education and teaches his own Qigong Contemporary technique. He is a philosophical consultant and body technician for professionals and entrepreneurs of all fields at Universities and Institutes in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.