BALLEM! Wellness

July 7

Pavelló Municipal Girona - Fontajau

Yoga class

with Eva Roca, director of Kreative Yoga Girona

10:30 - 12:00

Come to vitalize your body and renew yourself inside and out radiantly through the energy of yoga. An opportunity to discover and transform body and spirit into a practice of invigorating yoga and deep inner connection through the soul, dynamic movement and breathing. Course taught by Eva Roca, yoga teacher, director of the Kreative Yoga Girona center and informant of crudivegan food.

All funds donated to Foundation Oncolliga Girona.

Tai-chi class

with Gerard Arlandes, director of the Gerard Arlandes Centre in Barcelona

12:15 - 13:45

Tai Chi is a meditative dance. It consists of sequences of slow movements, chained, fluid, harmonious and conscious in which the body performs circles and spirals in space. It comes from China and classical texts define it as the dance that unites heaven, earth and human beings. The meditation and tai-txí teacher Gerard Arlandes offers this course with the aim of meditation in dance, internal and external preparation and the balance of the energy capacity of people. Gerard is also the guest speaker at the inaugural Dance and Health Conference on July 4 at the Centre Cultural La Mercè about meditation, dance and wellbeing.

All funds donated to Foundation Oncolliga Girona.

Pilates class

with Esther Hernández, director of the Centre Pilates Girona

14:00 - 15:30

Pilates is a physical and mental training system that helps us to better understand the body stretching, strengthening and balancing. It is also used to prevent injuries and to develop a better body awareness. A good opportunity to improve the personal physical well-being of Esther Hernández, an instructor specializing in the Pilates for Balance Body and a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

All funds donated to Foundation Oncolliga Girona.

All funds donated to Foundation Oncolliga Girona.

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Pavelló Municipal Girona - Fontajau

Av. Josep Tarradellas i Joan, 22-24

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