Meditation, the healing inner dance

Conference and Workshop by Gerard Arlandes

July 4, 19:30, free entrance

Centre Cultural La Mercè

The movement of the Universe is a compendium of choreographies that make up the dance of life. From the small electrons that draw figures around the atom, to the cosmic chaining of the nebulae; the ordered rhythms of light and electricity from the atmosphere, to the free maneuvers made by corpuscles in the air; everything moves and everything dances. Also inside us: the heart, the breathing, the thoughts and the emotions dance. In order to feel and help this inner dance we have to become silent, listen and love. That is to say, meditate. This will be the focus of this conference led by Gerard Arlandes: meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher and director of the Gerard Arlandes Center in Barcelona.

A conference that opens the festival this year with small, practical tastings of the INNER DANCE

Maria Prat. Photography: Beto Pérez

After the conference, a dance and live music show was celebrated at the La Mercè Auditorium:

Pujada de la Mercè, 12, 17004 - GIRONA