Dancing Farewell

Sunday July 18 juliol, 8pm

Girona en Moviment says goodbye with a spectacular night of dance this year, where all the proceeds go to the Fundació Oncolliga Girona, to help cancer patients and their families. An explosive night of movement with innovative choreography.


Ballet de Barcelona

A constant play of contrasts between extravagant and sensual movements, light and dark, materialism and spirituality. A deeply human work about understanding and empathy rigorously connected with baroque and contemporary music, at times hypnotic, transcending the boundaries between dance and theatricality, and with a choreography that demands an extreme physical demand to the dancers.

Choreography: David Rodriguez and Luke Prunty

Dancers: Anibal Caballero, Estela Coll, Clara del Cerro, Anna Ishii, Mikiya Kakehashi, Akane Kogure, Heyler Lameda, Reo Morikawa, Carlos Renedo, Lisa-Marie Vervoort, Juan José Alacid, Ricardo Bravo, Hitoe Nakatamari, Mai Namba, Natsumi Tsuruta.

Costume and stage design: David Rodriguez i Luke Prunty

Technical director: Sergio Gracia

Music: Steve Reich, Zoë Keating, Hasse, Vivaldi

Direction Ballet de Barcelona: Chase Johnsey and Carlos Renedo
Duration: 35 minutes.

Photo: Paula Fernández


Eyan Dance Company

A contemporary dance piece that stands out for its deep emotion and strong a message of social criticism imprinted in each movement. The performance describes the emotional journey of an innocent girl in which she reflects on the lack of values that we present today as individuals and that our current society presents.

Direction and production: Andrea Sala

Dancers: Greta Peral, Ricardo Bravo, Aina Hauck, Carlos García, Berta Pascual, Claudia Gonzalez, Camila Rodríguez, Francesco Palmitesta, Berta Martínez.

Music: Fakear Nomine i Ibeyi

Direction Eyan Dance Company: Andrea Sala

Duration: 45 minutes.

Photo: Paula Fernández

Casa d'àngels

World premiere for Girona en Moviment. This is an excerpt from a longer choreographic piece that deals with how we perceive our angels, inspired by texts by Mercè Rodoreda.

Choreography and interpretation: Alba Nadal, Luke Prunty, David Rodriguez.

Music: Tchaikovsky, Hauschka, Vivaldi

Duration: 8 minutes

Photo: Paula Fernández