Catalonia dances against cancer

Dance gala with Catalan and international soloist dancers from prestigious companies around the world joining forces to support people affected by cancer. The virtuosity, poetry, and physical power of these dancers will immerse the audience in emotions that are only experienced through this incredible artform. Quality, solidarity and emotion with the best current classical and contemporary repertory. All proceeds will go to the Fundació Oncolliga Girona, to help cancer patients and their families. This exciting gala is the opening event of Girona en Moviment 2021.


Part 1


Dancers: Virginia Joëlle López i Maia Kanaan

Coreography: Virginia Joëlle López

Music: Maia Kanaan

Swan Lake, Pas de deux

Dancers: Chase Johnsey i Heyler Lameda

Coreography: Anna Ishii basada en Lev Ivanov

Music: P. I. Txaikovski


Dancer: Saïd Ramos

Coreography: Uwe Scholz

Music: F. Mendelsohn

Nada fica de Nada

Dancers: Filipa De Castro i Carlos Pinillos

Coreography: Ronald Savkovic

Musica: S. Rachmaninoff

Promised bla bla land

Dancers: Marc Balló i Joseph Edy

Coreography: Marc Balló

Music: Sahalé - Nlreb Mra Alrrih

Spring and fall

Dancers: Ana Torrequebrada i Marià Huguet

Coreography: John Neumeier

Music: Antonín Dvorák

Don Quixot, Adage

Dancers: Ada González i Stefan Mester

Coreography: Marius Petipa

Music: Ludwig Minkus

Part 2

Le Corsaire, Pas de deux

Interpretació: Anna Ishii i Reo Morikawa

Coreografia: Marius Petipa

Música: Riccardo Drigo


Dancers: Marcelino Libao i Marià Huguet

Coreography: Marcelino Libao

Music: Tractor’s Revenge

Anna Karenina

Dancer: Ada González

Coreography: Ioan Tugearu

Music: P. I. Tchaikovsky


Dancers: Daniel Flores i Laura Perrot

Coreography: Walter Matteini & Ina Broeckx

Music: Maya Beiser


Dancers: Saïd Ramos i Yaxue García

Coreography: Jules Perrot i Jean Coralli

Music: Adolphe Adam

Sin embargo, el telón

Dancers: Gabriel Marseglia i Marco Marangio

Coreography: Enrique Gasa Valga

Music: J. S. Bach

Cantata, duet

Dancers: Filipa De Castro i Carlos Pinillos

Coreography: Mauro Bigonzetti

Music: Assurd

Photo: Paula Fernández
Photo: Manel Díaz
Photo: Manel Díaz