Lindy Hop aperitif

Saturday July 7, 11:30am2pm

Jardins fora muralla

Family aperitif and Lindy Hop workshops for all ages. An opportunity to meet and share a moment of solidarity with food and dance.

Photo: Manel Díaz
Photo: Manel Díaz

Laura Del Aguila

Laura entered the world of sports and dance years ago. She has a long career as a teacher of Lindy Hop guided classes, which accompany her on this beautiful musical path. Body movement and rhythm are her vital basis. With boundless energy, she likes to convey her passion for movement in every workshop she offers at different events and festivals.

Mico Ferretti

Mico began dancing Lindy Hop in 2011 with the Girona Jazz Association. After two years he decided to continue classes in Barcelona with a world-renowned couple, Sonia Ortega and Hector Artal. He accompanies private lessons workshops and festivals throughout Europe, receiving classes with great professionals from France and Sweden, two key nations in the world of Lindy Hop. From 2014, he began teaching at the Sibiem school, today Mr. Dance, and since then he has not stopped teaching, also at the Jazz school in Girona where he started.