What is it?

David Rodríguez and Luke Prunty. Photo: Paula Fernández

Girona en Moviment is a dance benefit festival that is celebrated in the city of Girona. It unites a commitment in bringing the art of dance and renowned Catalan dancers to the province of Girona with the desire to raise funds for the fight against cancer. The festival hosts internationally renowned dancers, teachers and artists who contribute their art voluntarily for a good cause.

This, combined with street activities, high-quality performances, intensive courses, dance workshops and conferences on dance and health, makes Girona en Moviment a unique opportunity to enjoy dance in all its forms. With a clearly international vocation, the festival is also rooted in Catalan culture and aims to be a showcase of the great talent Catalonia has to offer.

The recognition of the public, the dance sector and the press of the benefit galas, "Dancers of Girona, united against cancer" held at the Bescanó Theatre in 2017, encouraged the organizers to create the first edition of the festival Girona en Moviment, in September 2018. Since then, Girona en Moviment has consolidated itself in the cultural scene of the region as a member of Girona City of Festivals. The total funds raised by Girona en Moviment go towards projects by the Foundation Oncolliga Girona, in order to support cancer patients and their relatives.

Girona en Moviment is a cultural and charitable event that is committed to creating links between dance and health, connecting the art of dance and body work with our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In this way, Girona en Moviment brings new languages ​​to the citizens and creates links between different disciplines.


Dance and Solidarity

Dance is a universal artistic language that promotes well-being, health and joy. We believe in dance that is committed to social, cultural and health values. We seek synergies between the dance sector and solidarity, through high quality programming that reaches a diverse audience and contributes to the fight against cancer. We believe in the creation of new audiences through the promotion of intercultural dialogue, citizen participation, awareness and a culture of peace.

Virginia Joëlle López with musicians Pedor Burruezo, Maia Kanaan, Aniol López and Jordi Ortega. Photo: Paula Fernández.


To contribute to the creation of a more inclusive, tolerant and cohesive society through the art of dance and values ​​of solidarity.

We aim to achieve a double mission:

• To facilitate access to the culture of dance in the province of Girona through a high quality program. Our intention is to attract the public through dance and provide visibility to the fantastic talent of Catalan dancers.

• To improve the quality of life of those suffering from an oncological disease and their relatives through dance and a coherent work of charity and sensitisation of society.


We believe that we have a great responsibility to the public and that is why we work with enthusiasm to offer dance culture for all publics that is committed to the fight against cancer. We work from values ​​of professionalism, solidarity, tolerance, freedom, creativity and respect.